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Shave Before a Romantic Candle Dinner

Many women love a nicely trimmed, short beard on a man. Not all men can pull off this look though. If the beard trimming isn’t kept up, it can soon start looking unkempt and messy. A beard with gray hairs isn’t so great either, particularly if you’re a man in your 30s or 40s, and not 60s. There’s also the unsightliness of stray crumbs falling into a beard during a romantic dinner. Unless you can really pull off this look, and manage to use your napkin to effectively keep your beard clean during a meal, it’s best to shave before going on a romantic dinner. There’s also the issue of when men only shave in the morning, but when they head out for a date in the evening, they’re already starting to look a bit scruffy. That Don Johnson look went out with the 80s. Some men may look good with that unshaved look, but unfortunately, it makes kissing uncomfortable, and most women cringe at the thought of beard burn.

romantic candle dinner

Many men avoid shaving because they don’t like using a traditional razor blade style to shave their faces. However, it’s not necessary to use a traditional style of blade. You can buy an electric shaver that’s easy to use. There are many brands of electric cordless shavers sold by Philips, Remington, Panasonic and others, that offer a clean, smooth way of shaving. Don’t be like the guy that I had booked a romantic candle dinner with one evening. It was at one of the fancier restaurants in town, so that meant dressing up in business casual, at the very least. I spent a greater part of my afternoon getting ready for the date, and used my lady’s Panasonic shaver on my legs, so I could wear a nice dress. The romantic candle dinner was with one of the guys from work. We had chatted every lunch hour for the past few months. He was always presentable at work, so when he asked if I’d like to check out the local Italian restaurant, I said yes. I was a bit confused when I sat waiting for him. A disheveled man approached my table. I realized that it was my colleague from work. Was this his weekend look? I didn’t mind if he wore a polo shirt, but he’d forgotten to shave as well! After my surprise died down, he explained to me that he’d had to spend a greater part of the night rebuilding a server, so apologized for his appearance. I was relieved, and promised to give him a second chance.

So guys, don’t forget to shave before the big date or an important occasion! Shaving is a must before a big job interview, heading to church, or almost any other event that involves being presentable. You can keep your unshaved look for Saturday mornings. helps you choose the best electric shaver, as it’s much easier to use than a traditional razor. Be sure to read the reviews before buying so that you find a cordless shaver that’s right for you.

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What Your Favorite Smells Might Say About You

So everyone has that smell where their body kind of pauses and then rises up a bit, soaking in the delicious aroma. It could be the tangy burst of a freshly cut lemon. It might be the crisp scent of fall air and football on a Saturday morning in October. You might favor the promise of hot-out-of-the-oven cookies. Whatever your nose desires, it’s a great moment when you catch a whiff.

Favorite Smells – Harry Potter Video of Amortentia Potion!  (If you’re an HP Fan like me, you’ll love this clip! – Sarah)
Now, if I personally brewed up a batch of Amortentia, I, like Hermione, would smell Freshly Mown Grass. However, my other favorites include School Bus Exhaust and the smell of Hazelnut. Each of these things shows a bit about my character and personality.

So, what do your favorite smells really say about you?

Freshly Mown Grass


You are likely an outdoorsy person. You’re likely to be a go-getter, someone who has a strong drive for activities, but also has that free hippie-ish vibe. You value hard work and you really value people who put in a good effort all the time. Quite possibly you’re a Hufflepuff.

A Really Fancy Cologne or Perfume

You’re a bit materialistic, but that’s okay. You like money. You like things. Everyone has a materialistic thing at times, but we keep it in check. However, if you love a fancy cologne, you probably are also drawn to a suit and a fat wallet. I’m not going to lie, it’s quite a Slytherin preference.

School Bus Exhaust


This smell brings out the mom/dad in a lot of us. It’s a smell that takes you back to the schoolyard and all the buses lined up and waiting. It shows off you appreciation of education, and how it can really make the country grow. You probably care about teaching people, and you want to educate anyone about anything. You are probably a bit of a know-it-all.



It’s a smell of energy and excitement. You’re probably a big extrovert and like to be out with people in fun places. You probably enjoy sports, not guaranteed, but probably. You’re probably going to get along with people that are genuinely nice to you. You’re trusting. Charcoal is definitely a Gryffindor smell.

Ocean Breeze


You’re a dreamer. You like to escape away to the best of times. Constantly a glass-half-full person, you’re also everyone’s go to for a pick me up. You’ll never let people on the outside see your sadness. You also probably love to be cooked for.



The aroma of the dirt when rain first starts is so fresh and clean. It brings about it a new face of innocence. You’re likely appreciative of the rain smell most when you need to wash away a recent mistake. You likely enjoy nature and quite possibly practice yoga or tai-chi. You likely have a vivid memory, and really enjoyed playing games outdoors with the neighbor kids growing up.

Hazelnut Coffee


You’re likely a high-energy person. You love your Starbucks in the morning and probably are a bit of a work-out nut. You’ll also be into fashion, constantly the envy of your friends. You bring a bit of pep and excitement with you constantly, but are likely one who needs a companion for comfort, instead of seeking reflective alone time.

The Pages of an Old Book


You walk into a bookshop and just stand there, smelling the blissful escape that is your world. You’re probably a Ravenclaw. You also have a wild imagination, and likely get into a bit of trouble when you’re not nose-deep in your latest novel.


SO – who does your smell say you are?  Comment Below! <3 Hallow

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Save yourself by trimming your wicks

1. SAVE  YOU MONEY!  Trimming your wicks allows your candle to burn a smaller flame, giving you a longer lasting candle so that you don’t have to buy new ones as often!


2. SAVE YOUR WALLS!  We’ve all looked up and seen that dreaded black spot created by the latest candle we so delightfully enjoyed – when your wick has a slight mushrooming on the top of it that means there’s too much wick so its now getting backed up!  Wicks use wax as fuel to burn, when there’s too much wick and not enjoy wax, the wick is “out of balance” and just jumbles up on itself creating soot that ends up on your walls and ceiling.


3. SAVE YOUR LUNGS!  From the earliest years of  ”stop-drop-and-roll” training we’re pretty aware that smoke in your lungs and the lungs of your children is bad!  First step of saving yourself is to burn natural wax/natural wick candles, next step is to trim those wicks so there’s no soot and no smoke coming off them.


Save your lungs, walls and wallet with one simple step!  Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!

Have a smelly day!